Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Picnic to Ozran

All of us kids from the Bhobe and Sardesai clans went on a picnic this Sunday. And being in Goa - my 4th successive weekend :) - it was only natural that we went to the beach. Ozran is also called Little Anjuna - and is a small, beautiful beach not really on the main tourist trail. Here are some snaps from the awesome day out...

A set of beautiful bamboo cottages on the cliff greet you as you reach Ozran. This is where we set up base camp.

Clear blue waters of the Arabian beyond the small horse-shoe beach. This is the view from every cottage on the cliff.

Beautiful sit-outs dot the small staircase carved in the rock, going down to the beach.

Sanam enjoys the waves - this is one of the safer beaches, though the currents are just as bad. Thankfully, Papa is a good swimmer!

After a good bath in the sea, all set for lunch! And the clothes? Well, being sun-burnt is not a pleasant experience!

The carving of Shiva and the Naag is a pretty interesting addition to the scenery!

Lunch at Britto's was the perfect way to satisfy the hunger pangs. The crab-stuffed prawns are an absolute must!

The picnic continues after a brief siesta at home. Here Madhavi and Sanam prepare to conquer the waves in their water scooter...

And if that was not enough, here Deepa and Mads prepare to take to the skies! Para-gliding is another of those must-do things when in Goa! It's safe, and oh, the experience - unbelievable (at least that's what they told us poor ground-based souls)

And finally, as the dark clouds promise an exciting monsoon ahead, we call it a day - and return home - to another sumptious dinner!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Simian Attack!

Caught a large family of these simian creatures calmly sitting by the side of a busy road in the heart of Pune, calmly watching the world go by!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where Their Heart Is - Clarion Park

The Westside Plus supplement of the Times of India ran a beautiful piece on Clarion Park today - describing it as an example in cosmopolitan living, where people with diverse religious beliefs live in perfect harmony :)

Yes, we do have a beautiful society! Here's a snap of the article - the picture is taken from our building.

And here are some excerpts from the article...

Forget noise pollution, once inside the huge premises of the well-planned colony, you are cut off from vehicular traffic. Add to this an architectural plan that allows easy mingling of people. A yoga class for women, swimming coaching, a proper gym and a walking track make the society a complete residential society. With cultural activities going on throughout the year, residents have great fun and frolic. All major national and religious festivals are celebrated.

On the flip side, however, is the growing number of cars... Aaah, there's my personal contribution! :)

Interestingly, yesterday we completed 7 years at Clarion!

BBQ Time

We had a pretty awesome BBQ session last Sunday - here are some delicious kebabs and a bit of paneer getting ready for our taste buds...

Too many cooks (and a dog) never spoilt a BBQ!

Back stage - where all the hard work got done courtesy the bahus of the Bhobe khandaan :)

Visit to Reismagos Fort

Sanam and I visited the out-of-bounds Reismagos fort last Saturday with Yogesh, who is now doing a renovation project inside the fort. This fort was built by the Portuguese when they first landed in Goa more than 4 centuries back. It served as a jail for quite some time, before it was decommissioned. The government tied with converting it into a heritage hotel, before the plan was dropped. It is now being developed as a heritage and arts complex.

Campal corner with the Mandovi flowing out to the Arabian sea. Check the twin Mandovi bridges in the background, and the new 3-storey casino anchored off the shore.

One of the dozen odd canons keeping vigil at Reismagos Fort

The horse-shoe shaped Miramar beach

Reismagos coastline with Aguada lighthouse in the background

The beautiful foliage on the fort's slopes

An Evening in Reismagos...

Getting chased by a pretty large turkey on the way to the beach....

...A dip in the water with Sweetie

And finally, sitting on the rocks, watching the sun go down....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Quote for the Day

Obsession is a great thing when you get what you want. Otherwise, it's just called madness.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blogging in the Bus!

It's 9.00 pm, I am in berth 2-3L in the new AC sleeper bus from Amrutyog, on it's first trip - and here's my first blog from the bus.. courtesy Tata Indicom's wireless data card :) Isn't it cool?

Sadly, it's the end of my vacation, and as you can see, the laptop, the Internet and all the evils of modern society are back to haunt me....


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movie Review: The Forbidden Kingdom

Jet Li + Jackie Chan + Cute Chinese Dame - Sensible Story = The Forbidden Kingdom

As long as you are prepared to leave your analysis and rationale thinking behind, this movie is a treat for kung fu lovers, and lovers of nonsensical story telling with some great vistas to add to the senses' delight!

Don't think much - get yourself some Pepsi and popcorn, slink into the seats, get lulled by the AC on a hot summer afternoon - and enjoy the action!

Movie Review: BhoothNath

Confused Nath. That would have been a more appropriate name for the two hour torture. I mean, what were you trying to do Mr. Director? Take a junky piece of story about ghosts and their mukti through shraddha, add a kid to it and sell it to the kids, then throw in some "not taking care of buddhe maa-baap" drama and sell it to the parents? Yes, you got SRK to do a cameo, and I admit he looks drop dead gorgeous, and you got some great shots in Goa - but why would I pay 200 bucks and 2 hours for that?

And by passing it up as a kid movie, what are you trying to teach them? That people die and become ghosts until they are muktified through a shraddha? I mean, hello... what are the damn censors doing allowing stuff like this to be passed on? Bikinis and kisses do no harm to kids these days, it's nonsense like this!

Parents, take my word for it - you are better off without exposing your kids to this Nath. And the rest of you, well, all I can say is I warned you!


This vacation has been an awesome break for me so far - because I have done nothing. A typical day has involved waking up at 10, having a good breakfast and tea with the morning newspapers (including the recently launched Goa edition of the Times of India), and then a long, long morning and afternoon doing NOTHING. Can you imagine just sitting around, with not a care in the world? No invoices to raise, no proposals to make, no resources to allocate, no targets to achieve, no calls to answer, no bills to pay... nothing but NOTHING!

And then catching up with the beaches and the fishes in the evening, sometimes the crab dry fry, a little ice cream and black berries...

Aaah, if this is what retirement is going to be about... I am planning for it in right earnest!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing Else to Say...

Except that, tournament abhi baaki hai mere dost! Haarker jeetne waaloan ko Knight Riders kehete hai!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Beauty of IPL..

...is that Shoiab Akhtar gets Vierendra Sehwag and Gautam Ganbhir, and I am dancing in joy :)

KKR strikes a double blow to Delhi Daredevils!

Surfing in Goa

I am in the middle of my 10 day sanyaas in Goa - and couldn't really take the disconnection too much longer. So I got myself a cool Tata Indicom Data Modem, and lo and behold, a 2 min install later, I was on!

Welcome to the wireless world in the middle of paradise! Aaah, this is life...

Friday, May 09, 2008

KKR's 3rd Win

KKR broke their 4 match losing streak after an awesome start in the IPL with their 3rd win at Eden Gardens over Dravid's Bangalore Royal Challengers today, powered by a match winning 3 overs for 7 runs with 1 wicket by Dada (he got Dravid clean bowled :))

The IPL is now at the half way stage, and while KKR are not in the top 4 yet, there's a long way to go, and who knows, this performance might be what KKR needed to resume their march!