Monday, August 29, 2011

Joke Of The Day

Rajnikant, when asked about Anna taking over the mantle of India's superhero: I always knew it, that's why I kept saying, "Anna Rascala, Mind It!"

Joke Of The Day

PM's latest letter to Anna: Aapne toh kuch khaaya hi nahin, toh BILL kis baat ka? :)

The Glory Of Indian Democracy

Anna has got his wish, his 12 day long fast is over, and the 1.2 Billion people of this country are celebrating - the Indian Parliament has passed a resolution showing intent to discuss the main tenets of Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill.

And while the campaign has been less than perfect, and while the methods have been debatable, and while some politicians have not exactly covered themselves in glory, if you watched even snippets of the Lokpal debate in Parliament this Saturday, you would have a lot of reasons to feel proud of our much-maligned politicians, who showed unbelievable restraint, maturity and decency in the face of some very rude comments and antics from some members of the Anna team, and got down to some serious debate, showed intent, and proved that when it comes down to the wire, the Parliament and the MPs are more than capable of taking charge of this country and doing something good. Yes, even as a couple of MPs, notably Lalu and Sharad Yadav, poked fun back at Team Anna, the debates were serious, the politics bipartisan, and the speeches impressive.

Kudos guys, you are worthy representatives of our people!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie Review: Morya (Marathi)

Marathi movies have started growing on me over the last few years, and with every movie, I continue to be surprised and impressed at the quality being dished out! Avadhoot Gupte presents the ever-present threat of politics-driven communal tensions and riots against the backdrop of the Ganeshotsav celebrations coming up this week, beautifully building the story from the very true and noble intentions of two rival mandals to put their best Ganapati on show, and how they are manipulated and driven to go for each other's throats, until a "in the system" police officer shows them what really is.

A wonderful cast, excellent screenplay and beautiful performances from every single member make this a must watch movie!

Movie Review: Bad Teacher

After 5 mins of Chiktabrey, any movie would probably be worth it... but I think you will enjoy it nevertheless. Cameron Diaz in another Cameron Diaz role, some cute moments sprinkled with a little adult humour and a feel good ending, one of those countless fuzzy movies that don't stand out but are well worth the time.

Movie Review: Chiktabrey

I have walked out of many a movie, but this one took the cake. It took me all of 5 min to decide to walk out... OK, maybe it gets better (or worse), but when you see a whole bus load of amateurish C grade "actors" mouthing C grade dialogues and attempting to grab your attention with some wannabe X rated action, it really makes me wonder why cinemas would even give the movie the 1-2 shows it's running...

If anyone;s actually sat through it, do let me know if I should try again...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alter Ego?

I just came across this site (notice the spelling blogpsot) and was surprised to find this huge site on Christianity and Gospels and Bible... any explanations???

Movie Review: Aarakshan

OBC reservations, capitation fees, commercialization of education... might seem not very relevant in today's timeline... (although just a few days back the Supreme Court issued a clarification on OBC reservations in institutions)... but Aarakshan takes a pretty unbiased, well rounded view of the problem and proceeds to suggest solutions.

Not pure entertainment, and immature in execution in some places... but an excellent cast and some good performances from Saif, Amitabh, Deepika and Manoj Bajpai make this not that bad an option if you aren't into blood and gore with Final Destination this week.

Where Is This Headed?

9th day of Anna's fast... and the government, which till yesterday seemed to be ready to give in, has suddenly gone back to taking a rigid stand, almost daring Anna to go ahead with his fast as long as he wants.

Did Team Anna push the government too far? Seeing Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi on the dias last night did very much give me the impression that they had started looking at themselves as being larger than the issue, supreme to the country, the parliament, and getting into a very rigid and no-compromise stand. Would it perhaps be a better idea to give some? Maybe. Maybe not!

Very interesting stage coming up - will Team Anna buckle, will Anna take a step back and secure his health for a bigger fight ahead, will he sacrifice his health and will it lead to a revolution that will consume the politicians, or will it all die down?

India has never rallied behind any issue (except cricket), without being driven by politicians or money. It's heartening to see the youth, the urban middle class - hitherto immune to politics and change - taking a very firm and active stand.

Very interesting days ahead... and irrespective of the immediate outcomes, one thing is certain. Corruption is firmly and definitely in the crosshairs...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad Days

The government is struggling to govern with land acquisition stirs, all the scams, and general unrest
Indian team has fallen to the wicked spell of Harry Potter

England is burning

And the world economy has gone to the dogs

Thankfully, the Sun will still rise tomorrow

Pari And Reona

Two of our older Ford babies - can you spot something interesting? :)

Red Bull

Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife (3D)

Saw this on my sexy new Samsung Smart LED 55 inch 3D TV - and it was a truly mesmerizing experience. If the TV was that good, I can only imagine how the theatre experience will be! The action is made for 3D, the special effects take the definition of 3D to a whole new level. MIlla Jovovich looks better than she's ever done, the action is fast paced, and the story keeps you interested till the end.

Not to be missed!

Movie Review: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Baby monkeys growing up in a human "family" and growling and chest-thumping apes attacking cops on the Golden Gate bridge - if either of those things excite you, go watch the movie. Wasn't too bad - but I wanted a lot more doomsday action - and felt cheated at the end when the humans made peace with the monkeys :)

The post-credits twist notwitstanding...