Sunday, May 27, 2012

KKR, Kings Of IPL

What a final! CSK scored around 10 runs less, and KKR weren't to be denied. SRK and his legions of fans have finally seen their hard work and prayers answered! A rare loss for Dhoni... But I am not complaining :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari...

...knew about the petrol price hike.

And he bought a Nano, but now his monthly petrol bill is more than his EMI :)


Nothing like the prospect of an early morning drive through beautiful countryside to keep you awake all night...

Adopt Me?

I am a pretty Persian cat, and I am looking for a loving family... Any where in India, but preferably in Pune. Adopt me!

My pics will blow you away, will upload them shortly...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Goa Beckons

Fourth time this month... the perks of being born Goan!

Left around 5 from home, took it nice and easy. Misal Pav at Sai's, then nice mutton at in-laws place, and ice creams at Ice Magic at night. Life is beautiful.

Day 3: Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Tram and Night Ferry

Day 3 was bright and sunny, and time to catch an exciting Dolphin & Sea Lion show at Ocean Park, and other attractions including the Panda, lots of really colorful fishes, and a little carnival. In the evening, we came to Victoria Peak, a very upmarket locality among the clouds, with unbelievable views of Hong Kong, especially when coming down the obscenely inclined tram track (a must-do when in Hong Kong).

At night, we got onto a river cruise, and took in the amazing lights of the city - synchronized across dozens of buildings on both sides of the river by a master controller. Siddha added a touch of glamour to the proceedings, taking over the Karaoke from the live band, and wowing the audience while the kids danced away to glory.

And then called it a night, tired from all the walking!

Some pics follow in subsequent posts...

Car Hopping

Snapped this crow having a gala time jumping and riding cars at the Thane Creek Toll Booth!

Dont' Wake Me, It's Just 11 AM

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretty Shutter!

This is something for Architects and like-minded folks - an amazingly pretty acrylic/plastic shutter at a Hagen Daaz store -a far cry from the boring, metal gates generally seen!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Cakes

Amazing HK Street Food!

The Mini Buses

What's In A Name?

Culinary Delights

Dinner at the Tai Woo Sea Food Restaurant was an experience in itself...

The food was outstanding, but also interesting were certain other practices we saw at the restaurant. Firstly, to accommodate us, the manager actually moved tables - with dining patrons - around the restaurant, and no one complained! Never seen something like that in India!

Secondly, the manager asked us to quote a budget per table - we had two tables - and then offered to order for us as per that budget. Great way to manage costs.. although that didn't stop us from running a bill of more than 4000 HKD!

Here are some pics... (Viewer discretion advised - graphic images)

Along with the peanuts, some dried baby eel... or was it something else? Unfortunately, the veggies found out only too late that it wasn't fried noodles!

The shrimps were delicious

Mushrooms in full glory

The squids were crunchy!

As tasty as they looked, but hey, who had the stomach to find out? Best left to the veggies...

An obscenely fat roast chicken

Siddha loves his chicken

Tired from the make out, the chicken takes rest

A full crowd!

The Iconic HK Cab

These Toyotas even have gear handles mounted on the steering column, just like our Premier Padmini Fiats in Mumbai!

Hong Kong Streets At Night

Mesmerizing Hong Kong

Entering Hong Kong by ferry has to be the most mesmerizing moment of the tour...

Cakes, Ice Creams or Soaps?

Hint: All that is colorful isn't necessarily to be eaten!

Crazy At The Tower

View from the tower

Across the river, China

It starts to get interesting

Varoon and Shantanoo dress up for the Bungy jump

For 5 year old Sia, everything's game!

Led to the gallows

The final step

The ladies join the fun... 700 feet above ground

And it only gets crazier...

Macau By Day

The "architectural" arena.. now a sad, lonely place, with all tourists staying put in the casino dens

A typical Macau residential complex... modern chawls

You guessed it...

Colonial, Portuguese buildings in old Macau

Naah, not Panaji...
A typical street in old Macau - could be any where in India, right?

Some things are universal, I guess
Colorful Macau

An album on Macau is incomplete without the signature ruins of St Paul's church. Although there's really very little to see there! Just an ordinary facade, built and destroyed twice by calamities