Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Movie Review: Haider

Based on Hamlet and set in modern day Kashmir,  Haider is a hard hitting movie about a son's search for his father,  missing after the Indian Army picks him up during an anti terror operation. But it's not really about the army or the insurgents,  although that thread plays strongly in the background. It's about raw human emotions, about love and betrayal, misplaced sympathies, about our greed and our mistakes, and about redemption.

Shahid and Shraddha Kapoor put in strong performances,  ably supported by Tabu and Kaykay Menon. But the real star is the screenplay and the camera work,  which evokes the poignant beauty and loneliness of this paradise on Earth, torn between politicians and separatists and the army...

Surprising to see the Indian censor board allowing such a movie,  we are really coming of age in India,  I guess!

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