Sunday, May 17, 2015

Movie Review: Piku

If you ever wished for an offbeat topic to be at the center of a storyline, it doesn't get better than what permeates Piku's 3 hours - constipation.

Saddled with a difficult old dad (Amitabh) who is forever obsessing about his health and his bowel movements, Piku (Deepika Padukone) struggles to balance her own love life (which is more about physical needs than marriage and emotional bonding, which is perfectly fine with her "selfish" dad), her career and her need to take care of her dad.

Fate (and some heavily constrained planning) puts her in a cab on a long drive from Delhi to Kolkata, along with her dad and the taxi company owner (Irrfan - his drivers refuse to tolerate the difficult Piku for that long, leaving him with no option but to set out on the journey himself).

Beautifully written, with fantastic performances from the Big B, who excels in every frame, and Deepika, who shows how amazing she can be when given the right roles, and Irrfan, with his wonderful sense of humor and chemistry with Deepika, Piku will delight you, entertain you, and leave you with a warmth in your hearth.

Absolutely beautiful. Don't miss it.

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