Sunday, July 19, 2015

Movie Review: Baahubali

300 meets Exodus, and then some.

Produced with a reported budget of around 250 crores for the two parts, Baahubali (part 1) is a magnum opus, a benchmark movie that easily rivals anything produced in Hollywood, and leaving its Bollywood counterparts far behind in visualization, set design, special effects and grandeur. Prabhas, Tammanah Bhatia and Rana Daggubati star in this period drama that features an awe-inspiring waterfall beyond which lies a fantasy land of butterflies and icicles, shaken by wars featuring thousands of men, roaring horses, and the war machines. Oh, the war machines. Absolutely stunning! The war strategies, the make ups, the action, the drama - nothing I write here will make up for the vistas that keep splashing on the screen, relentlessly.

No wonder, it's on course to easily be the biggest blockbuster ever in Indian history. By far.

This is one movie you cannot miss, and yes - please DO NOT SEE IT AT HOME. Go watch the grandeur in the best theatre in town!

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