Sunday, January 24, 2016

Movie Review: Joy

After Silver Linings, the amazing trio of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro join forces again with director David O Russel to bring another delightful and uplifting story to the big screen.

Joy is very Silver Linings like, the same crisp dialogues, drama and humor, with not a moment that fails to engage. And while de Niro is his usual wonderful self, and Bradley Cooper will make you drool in the small but memorable role he has, Joy is all about Jennifer Lawrence, in my opinion, the most accomplished actress Hollywood has had.

Struggling to find her own identify and dreams in the midst of a singer ex-husband who lives in her basement, a dad (de Niro) shuttling between failed marriages, kids, an soap-opera obsessed mother and a step sister, JLaw instantly connects with audiences as she takes them through a roller coaster of emotions and states - despair, frustration, madness, inspiration, delight, victory, failure, hard work, and finally, success. Trying to make ends meet, Joy sees an opportunity in taking her Magic Mop to the market - but it's not easy. Patents, lawyers, cheats, debtors, cops, even her own family - everyone seems to be conspiring to hold her back from her dreams.

Don't miss Joy. There's very little of it around, anyway!

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