Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exposure To Extremism: A Sad Comment On The Times We Live In

Hyderabad was rocked by serial blasts, leaving at least 15 killed and dozens injured.

While this is something we have all grown used to, sadly, what is even more shocking is how kids are now exposed to this stuff through TV and other mediums. How did I find out about the blasts? By my daughter's blog post!

When we were kids her age, all we worried about was home work! Here's what my daughter's written on her blog:

Boom Boom Boom! Today in Hyderabad, it was a everyday life of people and suddenly at 7:01 p.m., three continuous blasts took place in Dilsukhnagar, causing 50 injuries and 13 deaths. No one has not yet found that were the blasts cylinder blasts or bombs. The first blast triggered the people to run towards the other area where the second blast happened. It has not been declared that was it a bomb blast or just a bad incident. News 24 says that it was a bomb which was placed in a tiffin box on a bike. NIA seemed to have reached there and now, it is said that it was a timer bomb. They are now investigating the other areas to see if there are any other bombs in that area. As for now, the news channels are saying that everything is clear but there is a bit of suspicion at the Sai Baba Temple near Dilsukhnagar as it is also a very crowded area. Hoping for nothing else to happen, I am crossing my fingers. The bombs took place on a bus stand and near a theatre. Zee News declared that there were not one, not two, not three, not four, not five but 18 unblasted bombs!!! Unbelievable man! The whole area is being cordened. There are puddles of blood on roads. Oh God!! I am shocked!!! Praying to God to keep our country and our earth safe!

What is happening to this country, this world? Cant we put a stop to crimes forever? Who knows what the terrorists want? What do they get from killing innocent people? Dont terrorists realise their crimes? Dont they feel guilty?

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Swati Mahambrey said...

This is nothing but 'Ghor Kaliyug'.... it's a transition period between Kaliyug & Satyayug.... saglyanchi 'buddhi' 'bhrashta' jalya.... really SAD but TRUE...