Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mumbai Metro

Last week, it was our turn on the Mumbai Metro. Just like the Monorail, here is another example that even in our crowded and poor cities, world class, affordable infrastructure can work! Clean, efficient, and comfortable - if such transport facilities can come up across our large cities, it will really take cars off the road, and encourage professionals and students to use more and more public transport...

An escalator at the metro station

Plenty of security

Interesting signages bring a smile to the face

Clean, comfortable, air-conditioned cabins with lots of standing space and a few seats

In addition to showing stations, the signage also shows which side the platform coming up is! A throwback to the flip flop sides on suburban train lines!

Free wifi in the trains and stations  from YOU Braodband. Wow.

A metro pulls into the station

Passing over the WEH

The turnstiles work off plastic tokens

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