Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Mumbai Monorail

Way back in June, I had the opportunity to catch a ride on the Mumbai Monorail, almost 5 months after it was thrown open to the public. The only other time I had experienced a monorail was in Seattle, almost a decade back.

Just one word sums the experience: wow.

Yes, we are a poor country. Yes, we are over-populated. And yes, looking out through the monorail, you do see shanties and slums.

But the monorail and the stations were squeaking clean - I tried hard to find a scrap of paper, and believe me, I couldn't. Not one. No spit on the walls. No foul smells from urinating passengers in the nooks and corners. Security was tight - just like at the airports. Paper tickets replaced by reusable tokens operating the turnstiles. Air conditioned comfort, station indications, great signages, working lifts and escalators. Everything you would expect in a world class city. And more.

Here are some pics...

The monorail station - clean and airy

Electronic signboards with the ever-present and smart Mumbai Monorail logo

Emergency communication ports

The travel token

A blue monorail pulls into the station - the sister train is pink

Clean, air-conditioned and breezy coaches have a sophisticated look

Useful signages within the coach too

The monorail track looks out over the equally impressive Eastern Freeway

View of the driver's controls - it's amazing looking out over his shoulder at the incoming track

Automated ticket vending machines at the station

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