Sunday, February 15, 2015

Movie Review: Roy

Roy. There are two ways to do it. Join the critics and talk about how excruciatingly slow it is. Look at it as the story of a brooding writer-director who is making a movie about himself, using a heroine who looks like the girl he has just fallen in love, and broken off, with.

Or, you can indulge yourself in it. Fall in love with the handsome hunk in Arjun Rampal, with his whiskey and cigar, his coat and hat, and the typewriter. You can fall in love with the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandes in her double role, her beautiful dresses (which, I hear, have been designed by herself). You can admire Ranbir on his Harley as he majestically rides through the woods on curvy roads when he isn't bobbing on the choppy waters in the yatch. You can groove to Chitti Kalaiyaan and Suraj Dooba Hai. You can sway with Jacqueline as she does the ballet on the beach. You can drink in the warm colors on the palette, and you can appreciate the beautiful subtleties on screen. Admire the significance of Ranbir's character, stuck in limbo on the yatch in the middle of the ocean, as the heartbroken director withdraws into his room, unable to take the script ahead. You can wait till the end, and watch Ranbir's character unite with his love and walk into the painting.

You can criticize it and get on to watching the world cup. Or you can immerse yourself in Vikranjit Singh's beautiful movie and indulge your senses.

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