Sunday, February 22, 2015

Waiting For Myra

So, there we go. Less than 2 weeks after first setting my eyes on a feisty red Audi A3 in Pune's SB Road showroom, we went ahead and booked a diesel, red with beige Premium Plus A3 today.

All the excellent arguments against pricing and cramped rear seats, and the comparisons to other lower segment cars notwithstanding, here is what influenced my decision:

1. It's an Audi. Ever since Ravi Shastri won his at being crowned the Champion of Champions in 1985, it's been my dream car. The Beemers come close, but I had evaluated the 3 series when I bought my Endy 5 years ago and somehow, at that time, the 3 series' ride quality and fun quotient hadn't seemed too different from that offered by my Ford Fiesta SXi. That test drive pushed me away from the Beemers.

2. White was never in the reckoning. Blue was upstaged by black. My wife and daughter shot down the black in favor of the stunning red. And I have to admit, the red really is an eye catcher.

3. The Premium missed too many features that were important to me - xenon lights, DRLs, leather seats to name a few. The additional 2 lakhs or so seemed worth it. Rather, saving a couple and missing out on all that didn't seem to make much sense.

4. The Technology variant made no sense.

5. I would have preferred the petrol, but the dealer tried his best at convincing me otherwise, and succeeded. He talked about all other Audis coming in Diesel only, about petrol requiring higher maintenance and so on, but the clincher was when he said (and I don't know how true it was, but that didn't matter any more) there was only one Petrol model available with Audi India as of date, and he wouldn't be able to promise me a delivery date any time in the near future. Impulsive and impatient as I am, I didn't want to wait any longer than I absolutely needed to.

6. I had seen the Skoda Octavia and Superb very recently, and while they are great cars, they didn't have the 4 rings, and that was a lot.

7. The A3 TD blew me away. I love squealing tires, I love tearing away when the traffic lights turn green, I love the sound of the engines revving, and the way the A3 pushed you back into the seats - it was beautiful.

8. I have never been able to not give an Audi a second look, and the red A3 was no exception. It's beautiful. It looks compact and strong and very reliable! The DRLs are mesmerizing, and lines are strong and defining. The sun roof fits beautifully, and the tires look hot. Compared to a 3 series BMW, the A3 is a clear winner in my eyes.

9. I can't part with my Endy, and the A3 will therefore do duty driving my wife to and from work in the city at most times. We are a family of 3, and the rear seat is no problem for my daughter. When parents and cousins visit, the Endy will step in with its cavernous 8-10 seating capacity

10. I have woken up every morning these last two weeks with the A3 on my mind. I guess specs and comparisons and logic sometimes need to defer to the heart!

The countdown begins now - and I am eagerly waiting for the call!

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