Sunday, November 29, 2015

Movie Review: Spectre

I saw Spectre at the Imax theatre in Dubai, at the Mall of Emirates. Hence, 

1. I cant talk about the chemistry between James Bond and the smoking hot lady (Lea Seadoux).
2. You probably won't enjoy the earth shattering sound effects as much as I did.

Spectre has all the usual 007 ingredients - gadgets, villains out to destroy the world with their outrageous schemes, hot ladies, and some eye popping and ear shattering action. The heli scene at the beginning of the movie is epic.

But at 2 hrs 40 mins, it also has lots of irrelevant, unnecessary dialogue, and if you catch a late show, you might just be able to sneak some good winks before you groggily wake up to check what the "shor" is all about.

Verdict: if you watch it, go to the best theatre in town, or get a DVD and cut out all the crap.

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