Sunday, November 29, 2015

Movie Review: Tamasha

15 min into the movie, you begin to wonder if you were better off doing something else. The clowns on stage, the Ramayana performances in Eastman Color, the storyteller and the boy - it all seems pointless and repetitive.

And then suddenly the focus shifts to Corsica. Lovely cafes, colorful alleyways, the blue sea, a smart Ranbir Kapoor and the absolutely gorgeous Deepika Padukone. Add some really peppy matargasti music, and life is beautiful.

Corsica is an escape from daily life, and boy and girl decide they are going to live it up - not ask each other the truth about themselves, and never get back in touch after Corsica. What happens in Corsica stays in Corsica, they gleefully decide. Starting with a ting tong, they make passionate love. And leave. Never to look back.

4 years pass by. And then fate brings them together again. Old feelings are rekindled, promises revisited. Love blossoms.

And there begins the story of life. Reality. Compulsions. The girl doesn't recognize the boy in his "daily avatar". The boy doesn't like what he is being told, questions about his inner self lead to turmoil and arguments, and a meltdown.

Tamasha is a beautiful love story that explores the many dimensions of life. But most of all, it asks one pertinent question. Who are we? When did we change? What are we really living this life for? What really makes us happy?

Packed with powerful performances from the two leads, some really memorable visuals and great music, Tamasha suffers from only one shortcoming - a pretty long opening sequence that stretches almost unbearably, and could have been snipped. Deepika looks amazing in every scene, and shows why she is Bollywood's undisputable queen right now. Ranbir is perfect in his role, one that no one else could have pulled off better,

4 stars from my side!

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