Saturday, October 15, 2016

Movie Review: Inferno

Robert Langdon wakes up in a Florence hospital with a splitting headache, amnesia and a bullet wound to his skull. And even before he can change out of his hospital gown, is thrown head first, arms and legs flailing, into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Doing what he does best, deciphering clues hidden in ancient art and sculpture, Langdon, assissted by his nurse and saviour from the hospital, the very pretty Sienna, hurtles through Florence, Venice and Istanbul trying to stop the release of a deadly virus aimed at cleaning up the world of the human scourge.

The action is fast paced, the cinematography clean, the movie is a very faithful and effective reproduction of the very exciting book. Not a mean feat when it involves quite a bit of detailing and reference to literature and history, without tuning off the audience. Watching in Imax format was the icing on the cake.

Tom Hanks is effortless, and Felicity Jones lights up the screen every time the camera is not focused on the magnificent sculptures and vistas of Italy. Our very own Irrfan has a cameo too, although I do believe Bollywood actors should aspire for meatier roles!

A definite recommendation for the weekend.

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