Saturday, October 01, 2016

Movie Review: MS Dhoni The Untold Story

We have loved and admired him as Captain Cool, the anti-fragile hero, who loves standing up to pressure and who's taken Indian cricket to the very top in every form of the game.

But how was it for Mahi as a kid? How did he end up keeping wickets? What did his dad do? Do you know MS was a TC at Kharagpur station? Did you know he lost his first love to an accident while away playing for the country in Pakistan?

But most of all, the struggle to get selected, to even get a chance to get selected for that matter.

The movie is not about cricket. Although montages of key India victories and defeats over the last decade are beautifully edited to have Sushant instead of MS, and you get a good filling of Mahi's helicopter shots, there is almost no focus on his captaincy, his cricketing brain.

It's about an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams, with a sense of purpose and a dogged determination and belief in himself.

Sushant is absolutely perfect as Dhoni, his mannerisms make it impossible to distinguish between whether it's the actor or the man himself. Sushant has always proved himself to be a seriously talented actor, but with Dhoni he sets a new benchmark for himself. Kiara Advani and Disha Patani are both very memorable with small but significant roles, and quickly make a place for themselves in your heart, already swelling with admiration for Sushant's Mahi. 

The supporting cast led by Anupam Kher is brilliant. The young Yuvi who teaches MS an important lesson early in his career is brilliantly cast. So is the big boss of cricket, Jagmohan Dalmiya. Mahi's school coach, family members, friends and Mahi as a school kid... every role is played to perfection and brings lots of smiles.

At over 3 hours, this is truly an epic every Mahi fan needs to see. But truly, it's just one of those rare true life inspirations that can impact each and every one of us.

Dont miss it.

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