Saturday, November 05, 2016

Movie Review: Doctor Strange

I am not an Avengers fan, I don't partake (at least in an intelligent fashion) in the Marvel vs Disney arguments, I didn't even know until recently that you gotta sit through the entire end credits roll to get a peek into the next big Marvel. And Doctor Strange isn't even a real superhero (all he does is dash in and out of time and space warps, and outta his physical body). But I loved the movie!

When an extremely talented neurosurgeon crashes his car, smashing the nerves on his delicate fingers and with that, his blossoming career, he turns to the psychic world to master his body, mind and spirit. And ends up getting sucked into a fight for Mother Earth against the dark forces in the Universe, bent on sucking life out of the world as we know it into a timeless, endless vortex. Etc etc. Yes, we have heard that before.

What's stunning though, is the SFX, especially if you can catch it in IMAX 3D. When you think you have seen it all before, Marvel comes up with a fascinating rendition of warped time and spaces, and such high fidelity psychedelic graphics, that nothing else really matters - just sink back into your comfortable lounge seats and let your eyes go wide with wonder. The accident is also extremely well shot, as are a couple of panoramic shots of Kathmandu and the surrounding mountains.

An excellent performance by Doctor "Sherlock" Strange, and the extremely cute Rachel McAdams, keeps you engrossed throughout the running time, with more than a couple of good laughs. The best part is that the end game comes quick and fast, unlike many similar super hero/sci fi movies that seem to drag on and on in a blur of SFX overdose!

Do check out this Strange movie, and in IMAX 3D if you can find one in your city!

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