Saturday, January 28, 2017

Movie Review: Kaabil

Rohan and Supriya are blind, but that doesn't stop them from dreaming of a beautiful life together. A couple of dates later, Rohan slips a ring on her finger. Life is perfect. 

Not for long, though. The local corporator's younger brother takes a fancy to Su, and he isn't one to be denied! Repeatedly raped and humiliated, she finally caves in, and the sold out cops leave Rohan with only one choice -to fight for justice on his own terms. 

The first half is pacy, even though some of the scenes are a little over done - like the mall sequence, which is amateurish in screenplay. Hrithik and Yami do have an absolute cracker of a dance number together, beautifully executed! Their romance is sweet, although you always know it's not gonna last very long.

The movie takes off in the second half - the story does grab your attention, although, to be honest, there is nothing that will come as a surprise or a shock - if you pay attention to the screenplay, you can predict what's coming up at least 15 min earlier!

The highlight of the film is Hrithik’s performance, and in my opinion, his best to date by a mile. He is especially effective in the second half - not too many theatrics, not too much of the goody goody stuff - and in most scenes, he actually looks human. Yami looks great, and complements him well. Ronit Roy is great as the badass corporator, although Rohit Roy as his younger brother is wasted.

The sound track is just about passable. The remixed Saara Zamana and Dil Kya Karen are pale and eminently forgettable. The item number needs to be snipped out!

Overall, a mixed bag - and yes, don't take your kids! 

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