Sunday, January 01, 2017

Resolutions for 2017

Another eventful year has gone by, and it's time to start on a clean slate in many ways (unless you are in finance in India, and still have a quarter to go :))

While I am not a big fan of making and keeping resolutions, a new year does give the chance to revisit your priorities and life decisions, and try and make some positive changes. Here are a few of the things on my bucket list for 2017:

1) Further commit to positivity and reduce negativity, especially on social media: while 2016 saw me cut down significantly on criticism, especially when you have such irresistible candidates like RaGa and Kejri and the entire CON clan, I'd like to desist from engaging with such issues, and instead focus on the positives, much like The Better India initiative, which has been really beautiful! Similarly, just read this wonderful thread on Twitter by a Canadian astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield (@cmdr_hadfield), listing out so many positive things about the year gone by. I'd like to do more of that!

2) Digital detox - something I have been conscious of, but really haven't tried too hard, is to reduce my digital life and get back to a real world. Being off Facebook certainly helps, and I am sensitive to real experiences and relationships versus virtual ones, but I need to stop sleeping with the phone. I want to keep the phone off when I am in meetings, whether professional ones, or with friends and family. I want to wake up and smell the coffee and play with the cat before I bury myself in email and Whatsapp. I want to read more, I want to walk, I want to enjoy my DSLR, I want to play with cats, I want to travel, and experience life, with sights and smells and touch, and not just bits and bytes.

3) REDUCE HONKING. I normally don't honk much, but I do get irritated when people break rules or act like asses on the road, and that should be no excuse for putting other citizens and animals at the mercy of my hoots!

4) Take care of my health. 2016 gave me a lot of days in hospital nursing my kidney stone, and I want to pay a lot more attention to what my body needs. More exercise (evening walks, and maybe I can convert them to morning jogs sometime in the year!), sleep early, get some sun, reduce sugar and milk and oil, and generally stay fit! Switching to books and sleeping early instead of watching endless TV through the night should be a great way to start!

5) Get cracking on a couple of projects I have in mind for a long time now. I can't say more here, but if you know me, I am sure you know what I am talking about!

and finally,

6) Cut down on Whatsapp broadcasts and groups. Whatsapp is just a vehicle, but the intention is to get serious about cutting down on giving unsolicited advice, and sharing information with those who really don't care for it! Those who care to will always know where to connect and engage with me! The rest deserve their peace :)

Here's wishing everyone a fantastic new year 2017!

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