Sunday, May 21, 2017

Movie Review: Chi Va Chi Sau Ka (Marathi)

He (Lalit Prabhakar) is an environment freak, collecting left-over water from discarded bottles and wearing his shirts inside out to minimize washing, while running an upstart "solarization" business. She (Mrinmayee Godbole) saves keedas from the roads, compliments horses for their Sadhna cuts, never steps into an auto unless the driver is vegetarian, and works as a vet, spending more than she earns on the animals. 

Both have had no time for "affairs" and reluctantly agree to their families' efforts for match making, with a rider. They want to spend some time living in "unphysically" before they make a commitment. After all, when we are taught to not even talk to strangers, how can one get married to one?

The premise is simple, the end is predictable, but this is one helluva movie where you can take your family and friends along, grab your popcorn, and have a jolly good time, laughing your guts out as the eccentric couple, their just-as-crazy family members and devoted friends duel it out with smashing one-liners and a liberal sprinkling of chaste Marathi swear words (all certified for family viewing!) dished out by a cast that's simply purrfect! 

If you are a film buff, you will also appreciate the attempt at a different treatment - some of the camera angles and the presentation of the "sutradhar", for example, are quite fun!


PS: If you do not understand Marathi, the English subtitles will still work - but don't blame me if you don't really "get" it!

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