Sunday, May 21, 2017

Movie Review: Sarkar 3

When you have a cast that includes the Big B, Jackie Shroff and Manoj Bajpai, assisted by the lovely Yami Gautam, it must take some real hard work to make a movie as bad as Sarkar 3. For that RGV gets a perfect 10.

Subhash Nagre (Bachchan) is Sarkar, the God Father, the patriarch of Maharashtra's family no 1 (no guesses there!), fighting a battle to retain his iron grip on local politics (and goondaism) after the death of his sons in the earlier installments. When his estranged grandson Shivaji (Amit Sadh) joins his camp, Sarkar's two trusted henchmen are convinced he is a traitor, but Sarkar is willing to give Shivaji a chance. Add a power hungry politician (Manoj Bajpai), a shady Dubai-based businessman (Jackie) and Shivaji's scheming girl friend (Yami) to the mix, and we have the perfect setting for an edge of the seat thriller. Will Shivaji betray Sarkar? Will Sarkar prevail over the ever increasing tribe of his enemies?

Sadly, pithy dialogues and poor execution make you laugh, robbing the movie of any buildup of intrigue and excitement. Jackie really needs to read the script before he signs on, and probably has the silliest one liners mouthed by a veteran actor in Bollywood history. Big B doesn't have any real moments, although his rendition of the Ganesh aarti in enough to convert many athiests into believers - and a reason why you might still want to endure this one!

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