Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movie Review: Aashiqui 2

I was in those impressionable teens when Aashiqui was released and became the rage for its interestingly hairstyled Rahul Roy, the irresistible Anu Agarwal and the soulful music which still evokes beautiful feelings.

Sadly, the Bhatt magic fails to work its charm on Aashiqui 2, which by the way, has nothing to do with the first installment.

The lead pair is barely passable, and while Shraddha has looks going for her, the hero has neither looks, nor acting. When the audience starts laughing at every serious dialogue you mouth, you know something's gone really wrong. The amateurish dialogs don't help, and the direction and story has glaring loopholes that irritate. As a failed singer, the hero is forced to sing at shady dos and get into brawls, but lives in a swanky penthouse overlooking half of Mumbai, and drives some of the sexiest SUVs in town. When his girlfriend, the latest singing sensation to hit India, comes to the police station to bail him out, she offers the officer her earrings and bangles as a bribe! And when he begs her to help him out of his alcohol addiction, she literally takes to bathing him, drying him, shaving him and putting on his clothes!

And the music - one endless, stream or rock cum sufi, with not one single standing out from the rest.

With a story that goes around in circles, the only saving grace is the acceptable ending!

Very avoidable, if you ask me!

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