Sunday, April 14, 2013

Movie Review: Commando

Why see Commando Reason #1: the best ever hand to hand action sequences ever seen in Bollywood. Vidyut Jamwal is truly outstanding, all brawn and rippling muscle, superb athleticism and thankfully, very little dialogues to mouth.

Why see Commando Reason #2: a very good looking, "hatke" Pooja Chopra, our Pune girl, with some very cute dialogues and scenes to boot. You will fall in love with her chubby and disarming smile.

Why see Commando Reason #3: a couple of beautiful songs, Saawan Bairi and Lutt Jaawan, which are also beautifully choreographed and shot.

Why see Commando Reason #4: some nice jokes dished out by the wierdly outfitted but well characterized villain from his iPhone.

A weak story (if you can call it one), very amateurish dialogues, unnecessary and noisy "songs", and very poor execution in all the peripheral scenes pulls down the movie. Overall, though, there are enough reasons to catch the movie once.

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