Sunday, April 14, 2013

Movie Review: Oblivion

It's 2017, and an alien invasion has destroyed the Earth's moon and enveloped most of the Earth in a deadly nuclear radiation. Just a few hi-tech warriors remain, protecting what little is remaining on the planet, as they prepare to leave and settle down on one of Saturn's moons. But when one technician, tasked with the servicing and upkeep of the security drones, steps out of his boundaries, he is confronted with the sinister truth...

The movie opens to some amazing visualizations - the security towers high in the sky, the drones, the amazing skies high above the ground, the destroyed civilization, just the tips of skyscrapers jutting out of the buried cities...

But as the minutes drag by, the action disappoints. The story meanders along, aimlessly. Confused. Boring. Uninviting. Post interval, it just gets worse. Just when you are about to get out of your seats, thankful for the end, you are rudely pushed into another scene, and then another. It never seems to end until you promise yourself you are going to get up and walk off.

No redemption. Avoid it. Watch the IPL instead, or watch Dhichkyaon dhoom dhoom.

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