Sunday, June 15, 2014

Finally, An Android

I am not a gadget freak... after more than a decade with Nokia feature phones, I had finally moved to my first smartphone with one of the first Windows mobile devices, an HTC HD7, four years back. And I was pretty happy with it until one day, I tried to reinstall Whatsapp, and realized it had been taken off the marketplace! 36 hours later, I had purchased my first Android, the super-impressive Samsung Galaxy S5.

This isn't a phone review, and I am definitely not comparing against other phones of the generation - but this is what I love about my S5:

1) It's super fast - and especially when it comes to two key applications that were terribly slow on my HD7 - Whatsapp and Camera.

2) Stunningly beautiful 16 MP camera, with dozens of exciting modes

3) Water proof - can take up to 30 mins in water

4) While the stock plastic backs aren't exciting (and black-blue is the only one tolerable), the original leather flip cover I got free with the phone is beautiful, and really compliments the steel edges, giving a very premium look.

5) Absolutely stunning display

6) A very, sweet "assistant" you can converse with when you are bored!

7) Wonderful speech recognition

8) Very useful and smooth "car mode"

9) Lots of features that make the phone very easy to use: air view for emails and messages, gesture scrolling for pics, palm swipe for screen capture, auto-call when phone is taken to the ear, video pause when you look away or put up your palm, so on and so forth...

10) In built pedometer, pulse measurement

and most importantly for me

11) Complete integration with MS Exchange, including emails, calendar and to do list

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