Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Movie Review: Holiday

An army intelligence officer comes home to amchi Mumbai on a short break from the border, and is faced with an army of "sleeper cells", hell bent on destroying havoc in the country. Never off duty, and with scant regard for the law of the land, our Major Bakshi almost single handedly takes on the terrorists (with a little help from his batch mates), as his side kick police officer friend desperately tries to keep up. And in the midst of all this chaos, our army officer also finds time to romance with a girl who favorite pastime is boxing.

AK sizzles in his hand to hand combat scenes, when he is not playing amateurish cat and mouse games with the terrorists. Holiday definitely takes a big vacation from authenticity, and throws all attempts at professionalism out of the window, much like the cameo played by the master of this genre, Govinda, who fumbles and stumbles through his performance. Sonakshi disappoints again in a role that leaves you wondering - who was that amazing actor in Lootera?

Holiday apparently made 41 Cr on its opening weekend, but for me, there were at least a dozen ways I could have spent my weekend better!

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