Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Movie Review: Edge Of Tomorrow

The world has been attacked by aliens who are threatening to run over London, after having captured most of France. The Americans and other western powers pool together their military might for one mighty offensive, having just tasted their first victory against the aliens.

It's the day before the planned landing in France, and the very unwilling "military spokesman" Major William Cage finds himself forced into a combat role. The next day, unprepared and scared, he is dropped into the kill zone along with the rest of his squad, and dies within mins in the fiery counter attack from the enemy. But not before he luckily manages to kill one special alien. And then, strangely, Cage himself waking up in the day before. He soon realizes that he’s somehow trapped in a strange time loop, and every time he dies in battle, he finds himself waking up the day before.

Along with decorated soldier, Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who is another one to have found herself in the time warp, before a blood transfusion robs her of the power, Cage painfully unravels the mystery, trying new strategies, and dying in the process, before waking up again, just to die again. And it goes on...

The movie is quick paced, and laden with smart visual effects that try and make the best use of the 3D. While there are repetitions because of the time loops, they aren’t monotonous and handled pretty smartly, with the segments of the past used sparingly and to good effect, keeping the narrative strong all the time. 

Tom Cruise is fantastic, and looks young and fit, and his progression from the unwilling soldier thrust into battle to the guy who knows the world's destiny is in his hands, is impressive. Emily Blunt is hot, and perfectly fit for Rita's role.

I wish it wasn't in 3D, and the end could have been less dramatic, but overall, this is one of the better sci-fi movies in a long time.

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