Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Movie Review: Shootout At Wadala

SAW is the story of Mumbai's first "encounter" in which dreaded gangster Manya Surve was gunned down by the police at a college in Wadala. The movie tracks the transformation of a sincere college student trying to break away from a life of violence and crime, and how he is falsely implicated in a murder and sent to life in prison, propelling him to become one of Mumbai's most feared underworld dons in the 80s.

John Abraham does his best, but apart from the rippling muscles, doesn't have too much to show for it. Especially the scenes in which he roars like a wounded lion - hardly convincing! Kangana puts in one of her worst performances. Tushar Kapoor bags yet another role through his sister's support. Rest of the support cast is OK, especially Manoj Bajpai, but kudos are due to Anil Kapoor for an age-defying performance as the officer who goes after Surve.

Not one but three items songs which add nothing to the entertainment quotient, and just help in stretching an already-too-long saga.

After movies like Satya and Lokhandwaala, this one feels like the Zombies have overtaken the city!

Very much avoidable!

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