Sunday, May 12, 2013

PM Issues

With Bansal and Ashwani out, the BJP is now baying for the PM's blood - and while I have been a staunch admirer of Manmohan Singh, first for his stint as FM when I was just out of school, and then the way he stood up to the Left's blackmail during the Nuclear Pact days, I am coming around to the view that there is justification in the demand, after all. In addition to the involvement of the PM in the Coalgate mess as the erstwhile Coal min, and the interference or collusion or plain and simple incompetence of the PMO, the way the PM shielded the two ministers for such a long time, and then had to give in to the demand of Sonia Gandhi, points to a very real conflict in the top leadership of the Cong and the govt, and raises uncomfortable questions.

There was a joke doing the rounds about why Manmohan Singh only takes his walk in the evening - because he is a PM not an AM! The question is, has the firing of the ministers also come too late?

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