Friday, May 03, 2013

Samara's 3rd Birthday

Samara had her 3rd birthday (and 55555 kms) on the 30th of April, and to celebrate, the next day, we (4 adults and 2 kids and lots of shopping) piled into her and set off for Goa.

It was hot and humid until we hit Kolhapur, but then the rain clouds enveloped us in beautiful weather, and by the time we hit Belgaum, the chilly winds and drizzle really made it a lovely drive. We tried out a new route through Chorla Ghat this time - and even though you have to get through Belgaum city (still retains its charm as a quaint hill station and shopping paradise for Goans), the road is in excellent shape (though a tad narrow and winding for my taste), and highly recommended for sedans driving into Goa from Mumbai/Pune/Kolhapur.

With the kids and multiple stops for grub, pics and nature's calls, it was a long day - but when you are headed to Goa in one of the best SUVs in the country, you can't really complain much, can you?


Tanmay said...

Next time do try the Pune-Kolhapur-Nipani-Sankeshwar-Gadhinglaj-Chandgadh-Dodamarg-Goa route if you haven't explored it yet.

It will greet you with natural scenic beauty, no vehicular traffic (We spotted only 1 ST and few bikes on this route). Road is not in best shape all the time, but with an SUV its fun.

Most importantly it passes through a jungle reserve and you could spot monkeys and peacocks just next to the road.

Siddhesh said...

Hmmm, interesting route - will definitely try it out next time I go with some company :)