Monday, May 20, 2013

Suhana Safar!

After what felt like decades, I was sitting in a bus this Saturday, on the way to Kolhapur from Pune. A road I have traversed dozens of times, but either at the wheel, or dozing off in a sleeper at night. For once, I was looking out at the landscape, the towns and villages, through the massive tinted windows. Watching a Marathi movie on the two screens in the bus. Although it was sizzling hot outside, the AC was doing a great job. The road was great, the Volvo powerhouse putting most sedans and SUVs to shame. Such a wonderful feeling.. Part of a group, yet alone in my own space and time, connected yet wonderfully isolated.

The way back was a different kind of fun. We had a puncture, and the roadside tinshed mechanic hadn't really worked on a tubeless bus tire before. Took all of 90 min to repair the flat, and in the meanwhile, while many others preferred to continue sitting in the bus watching Singham torture his nemesis, many of us enjoyed the roadside tea, watched the mechanic and his henceboys at work, and socialized around the common cause.

I should do this more often!

By the way, the car that came to drop us to the bus-stop at Kolhapur itself had a flat, requiring us to shift to a more humble auto - two flats in an hour, on two diff vehicles - now what are the chances of that?

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