Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Getting Scarier

CM AK is on a dharna today, defying Sec 144, exhorting the thousands of policemen deployed there to defy their bosses and join the agitation. Comimg from a person occupying a constitutional position, and the CM of the state of Delhi, how more dangerous can you be? Armed forces are meant to be the ultimate in discipline and respect of authority. What message are you passing on to them?

Is there really no end to this damn activism and vigilantism, this complete disregard for law and order and every constitutional authority? Do we really want the lawlessness of the central African states, the total anarchy that we see in unadministered Waziristan and Afghanistan, the civil wars that tear nations apart, in our own country, in the name of "aam aadmi rule"?

And all this for what? To force the Central government to suspend officers who refused to toe the Law Minister's line and enforce the writ of the "aam aadmi", subverting process and law?


Yes, we need a strong anti-corruption law, we need security and safety, we need honest policemen and efficient politicains. And we all sat up and applauded when the citizens of Delhi voted AK to power, delivering a strong message to the political parties that it was time for change.

But for god's sake, we DO NOT want a dictator who thinks he knows every thing, and every democratic institution, legal framework and constitutional authority in this country can go to the dogs!

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