Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vigilante Justice?

Yet another set of disturbing incidents in Delhi - ministers and their aam aadmi supporters administering on-the-spot vigilante justice, demanding the police break down doors, arrest foreigners and make women undergo medical examinations - all at night, under "suspicion" of illegal activities, without warrants or credible proof, but based on suspicions and allegations of the "aam aadmi".

And now, the CM threatening to sit on a dharna demanding the suspension of officers who refused to toe the minister's line.

Coming close on the heels of the law minister publicly rubbishing the decision of the CBI court which had admonished and reprimanded him for trying to influence a witness, in his immediate past life as a lawyer, I am extremely concerned at the total disregard Kejriwal and his aam aadmis seem to have for the law, and all formal institutions that have served this democracy and prevented us from degenerating into chaos like every neighbour that surrounds us.

Yes, I want a secular, peaceful, and corruption-free India - but the thought of a rag tag motley crew of self-serving "aam aadmis", with a sickening sense of self-righteousness and contempt for everyone and everything else, is truly disturbing.

I am gonna vote this time for sure, just because I am scared shit at what this might be leading us to.

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Priyaranjan Anand Marathe said...

Yes. Reminds one of the movie, "The Stoning of Soraya M".