Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie Review: Carrie

Carrie is a shy, homely, and protected young girl (the very sweet and sensuous Chloe Moretz), with a fiercely religious mom (Julianna Moore) who believes that God will punish everyone for the sins of Adam and Eve. Suffering endless bullying from her peers, she discovers she has unique telekinetic powers. Struggling hard to live a normal life, everything seems to be falling nicely in place when the most desirable guy in her class invites her to prom. However, it is just the calm before the storm... pushed to the edge by a cruel trick, she unleashes her deadly self, destroying everything in her wake.

Nothing special about the movie (and it is NOT a horror movie really), but Chloe sizzles the screen with her innocent sensuality, and is the only reason you might be able to sit through it.

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