Saturday, January 25, 2014

Movie Review: Jai Ho

This is one Aam Aadmi that gets my vote! :)

Jai Ho is a treat for Sallu bhai fans, and as you will quickly find out, I am one of them - yes, I turned into one after watching him host Bigg Boss 7, not to mention the eminently likeable Wanted.

What I loved:

Sallu, Sallu, Sallu. He looks young, in great shape, and the hooting and screaming from the audience, mostly male, when he takes off his shirt, is testimony to the legions of his die-hard fans. He dances well too - well, within his constraints, of course! His dialogues are few, his comic timing less in play, but when he does use it, it's hilarious!

The action is top rated - with some never-before-seen action shots, extremely well executed. Hand to hand combat, gun fights, bike chases, and some excellent car crashes. The scene on the railway station is my favorite, but the hand to hand combats were also beautifully done, and the make up and sets absolutely spot on!

The cast is interesting - dozens of characters in small roles, but pretty enjoyable to see all of them - Tabu, Sana Khan, Ashmit Patel, Nauheed Cyrusi, Sunil Shetty, Danny, Tulip Joshi, Bruna Abdullah, Mahesh Manjrekar, Aditya Pancholi, Mohnish Behl, Genelia, even the sharaabi from Nukkad, the list goes on and on. The baal kalakars are great too, especially Sallu's nephew, who is impressive. The lead actress, Daisy Shah, looks good in most scenes and outfits, is confident, and dances well, but she desperately needed a better dress designer and make up team.

What was needed:

A better lead heroine, a better sound track with some good numbers. A story - well, with Salman, maybe you don't really need that. And maybe a little less of the "power of 3" dialogues - while they will inspire a few, it does get a little repetitive and predictable after some time.

Overall, a wholesome entertainer, a nice and simple social message, and some great action. This may not be his best by far, but it's definitely a must watch this weekend. For Sallu.

PS: As a huge SRK fan, I have to admit Sallu looks so much younger. But in sheer ability to touch hearts, and inspire, and awe, and romance, the Baadshah, the King Khan, is eons ahead of the pack!

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