Sunday, September 07, 2014

Dog Tales

Am not much of a dog lover, but here are two stories that warmed my heart... and I am sure it will do so to you too!

I wish they had featured the puppy here! Isn't it just so awesome to have your puppy with you, when you are alone and lost, assured he isn't leaving your side, and then being able to return home to the warm embrace of the rescuers and your family? I also wonder what was going through the puppy's mind!

Here's a story I find very hard to believe - except that it came in the TOI, and it wasn't April 1 when it was featured. Is this photo even real? Training dogs is understandable, of course - but hey, look at this classroom! And then expecting Delhi's strays to wear the cops uniform? Wow.. would be so cool if it were indeed true!

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