Sunday, September 14, 2014


So this Teacher's Day was very different,  right? Our very own PM hooked up with millions of kids all over the country,  sharing anecdotes and advice,  answering question and having a great time.

A lot was made out of it,  and dozens of invited experts sliced and diced it on those "intelligent" debates at prime time. The questions were planted,  they smirked. He is ignoring the plight of teachers,  others complained. The spokesman of a national party was even ignorant enough to attribute an oft-quoted saying about teaching to him.

But next day,  when I went to Crossword,  and saw half a dozen kids, including mine, with their parents,  searching for autobiographies to read, because Modi Sir had asked them to,  did the impact of this exceptional leader become crystal clear to me.

For those who missed the speech, do check it out in YT. I am sure its there. And pick up some messages we all need to pass on to ourselves,  and then our children...

Love the environment.
Help your parents save on electricity bills.
Stay clean,  don't just throw around your school bag.
See the sunrise and the moonlight.
Get sweaty at least four times a day.
Do your bit for the country by being good students.
Be naughty,  don't lose the child in you.
Read.  Read.  Read. Anything.

Hats off to you,  Modi sir!

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