Sunday, September 14, 2014

Movie Review: Gurupournima (Marathi)

There is one undeniable reason you need to watch this one. My niece Samah in a seven second appearance as the beautiful child avatar of the lead actress :)

GP is the very relatable story of what happens to a marriage and a woman's career when she gives birth to a child. The movie is predictable,  and at times,  especially at the start,  is a little amateurish in treatment. But it picks up well 20-25 mins into the story,  and is held up extremely well by the lead,  Sai Tamhankar,  in a very commendable double role,  as the stubborn,  impulsive mother Pournima,  and her bubbly,  sensitive daughter, Akanksha. The scene in which she confronts her daughter,  played by herself, will bring a tear to your eyes.

The LKP waterfront disc in Nerul, my village in Goa,  is also featured in a song sequence and appears absolutely beautiful and surreal.

Produced by friends from Goa,  the movie also features a bunch of folks I am personally acquainted with,  which makes the experience a lot more interesting to me!

Should you watch it? Yes, please :)

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