Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Streets in Pune

It's been a great weekend so far, and there was no better way to celebrate Sunday than spend the early morning driving away the Pune chill at the amazing Happy Streets event in Aundh. Starting today, every Sunday from 7 - 10, most of ITI Road and DP Road will be out of bounds for vehicles, and instead be a carnival of sports, dance, and lots of other activities for kids and elders alike!

This "no vehicle zone" movement is spreading fast, and many other cities have had similar initiatives already. Look forward to this really catching up - no better way to promote health and social bonding, really!

Here are some pics from today morning in Pune...

The early morning chill provided the perfect ambience for Happy Streets

Hop, skip and jump!

The cops kept a watchful eye, was reassuring to see them providing all the necessary support!

Wanna ride and don't have a bike? Happy Streets provided them rent-free!

Get on the floor, everyone, for some Zumba classes!

This poor chap wondered what the hell was wrong with these people - what happened to peaceful Sunday mornings?

Zumba never looked better!

The Happy Streets provided ample opportunities to show off your badminton skills well as painting!

Some just loved the idea of sitting down on what is usually a VERY busy road!

While others spent the morning in more beneficial postures!

Reminded me of Amsterdam - never seen so many cycles at the traffic signal!

The elders preferred some exercises

But others preferred to hit the ball!

A lovely carnival atmosphere - Happy Streets indeed!

Hmmm.. this doesn't really qualify as a vehicle :)

And this, a goal? :)

Vegans had a gala time too campaigning for animal rights

Football kicks were on display

And the Surf mom at home will definitely have some work to do today!

Budding artists campaigned for animal rights

Zumba had the crowd breathless but clamouring for more

Finally the winding down...

With some stretching

Unarguably, the cutest couple on Pune's Happy Streets!

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