Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weirdass Comedy

On Friday, we attended "The American Invasion", a stand up comedy act by 4 amazing artists from the US, curated by India's own Virr Das, under his Weirdass Pajamas series. It was a fantastic show, over 2 hours of entertainment that had the audience of 500 or so party goers in splits, rolling in the aisles. They interacted with the audiences, were unabashedly rude (all in good humor!), and VERY adult. Virr was his usual stand out best (and looked hot too), and out of the Americans, Eric Schwartz entertained thoroughly with his Bollywood dance routine, while Tehran was absolutely spot on with his Marathi and his take on Indian people.

It was an excellent start to the weekend, and I heavily recommend it to you, if you can catch it live.

PS: Not suitable for children

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