Sunday, January 25, 2015

Piya Beherupiya

Saturday night was time for another interesting experience - the award-wining Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night, held at the beautiful Susie Sorabjee auditorium at St Helena's school. It'd been at least 25 years, I think, since the last time I saw a live drama, and the drama (although a musical) was a lot of fun. It was the group's 104th performance - and wow - must take SOME commitment and passion to perform at that energy level so many times! There was also excellent audience interaction, spirit-of-the-moment efforts, breaking away from the scripts.

A friend and colleague procured excellent passes for us, and one thing is certain - dramas are soon gonna be a staple in our entertainment diet!

A capacity crowd eagerly awaits admission - the show was delayed by 45 min due to a problem with the stage lighting

A scene from the drama - courtesy Times Of India

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