Monday, January 26, 2015

Movie Review: Baby

An ultra secret crack team (Baby, because it is just 4 years old) set up by the Indian government to take on the scourge of international terrorism, is sent on its last mission - to kill a most wanted terrorist in a foreign, unfriendly country in the Middle East. While the team succeeds in the assassination, they land a huge, unexpected bonus - the Pakistan-based preacher/terror leader, the biggest of them all. With him a lot more valuable captured alive than dead, they hatch a daring plot to ferret him out of the country into India. But it's a race against time - the local cop is hot on their heels. Will they make it out in time, can they pull off the heist, or will they die unrecognized and unsung (the team works under plausible deniability - given the sensitive nature of their missions, the Indian government will deny any connection to them if they are ever captured or exposed)?

After a very amateurish Holiday, Akshay Kumar returns in a much more sophisticated and authentic execution, very similar to D Day and with shades of Ben Affleck's Argo. Rana Daggubati adds serious hulk, and the ever-so-pretty Taapsee impresses thoroughly in a short but memorable role, with one of the best fight sequences ever performed by a female lead in Bollywood. Anupam Kher makes an appearance only in the second half, but delivers another excellent performance, following up after A Wednesday and Special 26.

While slightly predictable, the story moves fast, and will keep you on edge throughout. There are no long song sequences, little distractions, some great lines, and impressive shots in exotic locales.

Perfect for the Republic Day weekend! A must watch!

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