Sunday, April 26, 2015

Movie Review: Cinderella

Cinderella is a dazzling and beautiful story of an orphaned girl who wins the heart of a handsome prince, reproduced by Disney with a keen attention to detail - the fireplace cinders that gives Ella her nickname Cinderella, the pumpkin that turns into a carriage along with Cinderella’s best friends - the mice and the lizards, and, of course, the gorgeous glass slippers.

“Have courage and be kind” is the mantra Cinderella lives by, a promise she has given to her mother before she passes away, plunging her beautiful and loving home into gloom. As Cinderella grows up, the apple of her father's eye, she never gives up her credo, even after her father marries the wicked step-mother, and brings her home along with her two jealous and stupid daughters. Her loving and patient nature, compassion for all creatures, and self-belief is what endears her to you, and makes you root for her.

Lily James (Downton Abbey's Lady Rose) is an excellent choice to play Cinderella - she is the pretty girl next door, yet, when she rides her horse or dresses up in her Cinderella costume, you can understand why the prince will go to any length to find her and marry her! Richard Madden is also perfect as the prince, and plays his part, including managing his very tight trousers! 

Do catch this with your family - it's a gentle reminder that the world can actually be a beautiful place after all. You just need to have courage, and be kind!

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