Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Audi A3 Technology Diesel - Myra (Part 5 - After Sales)

Already had my first after-sales experience too! On reaching Goa, I was washing Myra up when I realized one of the tires had a small bulge in the sidewall. Barely half a centimeter, but I didn't want to take chances. Unfortunately, being the weekend, Audi Goa was closed. I called them on Monday, but there really was no time to take the car all the way to Verna, where the service center is. Audi Pune looked at the pictures, and assured me it was OK to drive, as long as I didn't hit high speeds.

As I mentioned earlier, the spare is no use for long drives, so I put faith in the Pirellis holding up and drove back. As a precaution, I switched the tire from the front to the rear.

First thing on coming back to Pune, I took an appointment (which I only got for Saturday). After taking pictures of the tire, to send to Pirelli for analysis, Audi Pune assured me they would replace it for free, even though, as most tire manufacturers would claim, it is probably due to hitting a pothole hard, rather than a manufacturing defect. The tire wasn't in stock, so I am waiting for it to be delivered sometime this week.

As an aside, I also got my plates replaced (free of cost, again) - the earlier ones had dropped the leading 0, and a cop actually pulled me over to tell me to ensure all 4 digits were on the plate!

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