Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Audi A3 Technology Diesel - Myra (Part 2 - The Booking, Buying & Delivery)

First, The Buying Experience
The Dealer: Audi Pune recently underwent a transformation from the old owners, Pashankar Auto, to the Chennai-based Jubilant Motors. Along with the change in management, Audi Pune also shifted from a small outlet on SB Road to a very large 3S facility in Baner, on the highway.

When I got my car, they were still in the city. Everyone at Audi Pune were awesome! I did 2 test drives, the cars came home, and Arun, the sales rep, was happy to let me really push them to the limits without wincing. I went ahead and booked the Premium Plus variant, because it was the lowest version with DRLs and leather upholstery. Went for Diesel, since the waiting time for Petrol was way beyond my tolerance level.

However, the next day, I called up Audi Pune and had some interesting discussions (which I am constrained to not divulge in detail) after which they upgraded me to the Technology variant. This was a fantastic development for me, since I would have really hated to have non-functioning options and buttons on the car!

A lot of folks have asked me whether I evaluated any other car, especially the new C Class. Frankly, no. It was always going to be an Audi, although I had TDed the 3 series beemer 5 years back, and felt completely let down by the experience. The 3 pointed star has never appealed to me; always made me feel it's one for the oldies. Yes, the new C class does look sporty, but still doesn't cut it for me.

The Bank: As always, my bankers, HDFC, were absolutely brilliant, providing me an unbelievable offer on the loan, and documentation was a breeze.

The Insurance: I went with the insurance provided by Audi Pune (Bajaj Allianz) - it was one of the promises I made them during my earlier "interesting discussions". With bumper to bumper, including tires, 0 dep insurance with consequential damage included, I think I got a pretty good deal, especially when I factor in the NCB I enjoy.

I also went for 5 year extended warranty, although I opted out for the total service plan, which seemed quite expensive.

The Delivery

I booked on the 21st of Feb, and I had a Goa trip coming up on the 5th, and Audi Pune promised to try and deliver her before that. Unfortunately, a combination of holidays and other factors meant I could only take delivery on 10th. But I guess it was destiny - after all, that was the day Ravi Shastri had won his Audi 30 years ago, and fired up the dream in me!

We went to the showroom at 630 pm, and a few min later, we set our eyes on Myra for the first time! She looked so stunning in Red! Audi Pune helped us with breaking a coconut and doing a little puja, and a photo session, before seeing us off with a very cute flagging off ceremony! The drive from the showroom on SB Road to my home in Aundh, through the late evening rush hour traffic rates almost as scary as the first time I brought my Endy, Samara, home 5 years back!

It was too late in the evening to take too many detailed pictures, but here are a few quick snaps I took before they fitted the number plates.

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