Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Audi A3 Technology Diesel - Myra (Part 4 - Photos)

The controls for the seats - 6 way movement, plus extra push/support for the back and legs through the circular control.

A very generous dead pedal!

Lots of details and information on the dash. Notice also that temperature and fuel indicators are nifty leds. Also, interestingly, the dash lights go dark in the late evening, as a reminder to the driver to switch on the lights!

Rear view camera and display factors in the position of your steering wheel too!

Vanity mirror auto-switches on a tiny light, which has delighted every lady passenger who has ever tried it out!

The AC vents and charging point between the seats makes it a tad uncomfy for the 5th passenger

The signature Audi DRLs add so much to the car's personality!

After her Sunday morning spa in the garage, seen with the sun roof open. Photobombing her is my 9 year old Fiesta, Reona!

Most of the car's functions can be controlled through the steering wheel - notice the voice command button on the right side.

Posing with the "kombdo" in Nerul!

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