Sunday, June 14, 2015

Audi Q Drive Experience

A few weeks back, we attended an Audi Q Drive event in Pune - we assembled at the Audi showroom, then drove in a convoy of Audi SUVs (brand new vehicles provided by Audi - not our own!), through a small detour off road in a small forest, to a specially designed track, where every participant got the chance to test drive a Q3, Q5 or Q7 (I off roaded in the Q3 and then chose the Q7 for the test track). It was an amazing experience, and wowed everyone with the capabilities of the mean Audi machines, with the advanced Q Drive technology (which allows the SUVs engines to optimize and divert power to the wheels based on traction and other factors).

Here are some pics, which say a lot, but come nowhere close to the adrenalin rush we all experienced!


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