Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tire Troubles for Myra

4500 km, and Myra has already had two tire-related incidents, which Audi claims is due to a combination of two factors - incorrect (low) tire pressure and encounter with a bad pothole on the road. To their credit, even though they could have simply refused, Audi has gone ahead and replaced the pretty expensive tires free of cost - both times.

The first incident was a bubble in the tire wall (see above) that allowed me to continue driving until I got the replacement, whereas the second time, the tire got a huge cut that immediately put it out of commission. And then the worst part is that the spare provided is only meant to take you to the service station - you can't drive on it, really. See the pic below (edited to show the tires that were hidden in the dark in the original pic) and you will know exactly what I mean :)

Yes, that's the spare on the rear right, not an autorickshaw tire I borrowed :)

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