Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cafe Real

Goa has dozens of small, simple cafes where "bhaaji pav or puri" (as opposed to pav bhaji) is the staple, and draws Goans of all ages and social status. from politicians to students, businessmen to housewives, for breakfast or for an afternoon snack, popping into one of these hotels for chai and bhaji pav (and sometimes for samosa, mirchi or other bhajiyas) is as much a part of being Goan as the afternoon siesta.

The most popular of these haunts is probably Café Real in Panaji. I used to visit it very regularly as a student, way back in the early nineties - and nothing has changed (except that they now have a mushroom bhaji, and seem to have phased out the "salad" bhaji).

Not just the food, even some of the waiters are still around!

A lazy afternoon at Café Real

Tomato and Suki Mix with Goan Paav

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