Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2 - 0, And Back To Work!

I took an off today. Not because of work stress, but because Australia were 72/2, trailing by 190 odd runs, and day 4 promised some exciting contests between the Aussie batsmen and India's spinners. It has been a while since I have enjoyed a good game of cricket, and workwise, things were a little slow today.

Would India be able to wrap up the Aussies before end of day today, and would the Aussies make them bat again?

Hardly had I finished my breakfast of pohe and tea, and caught up with the papers, when the collapse happened. By 11.15, Australia were already 9 down for 130, and as I write this, the Indians are looking to wrap up before lunch, inflincting a huge innings and 100+ runs defeat.

After a foolishly brave decision to declare the first innings when 9 down, Australia suffered through the Indian innings with Murali and Pujara putting up a mammoth 350 plus stand, and then simply disintegrated against Ashwin and Jadeja. Watching the morning play was like watching 11 cats playing with 2 mice. A dangerous, deadly game of toying with the victims. Australia were completely clueless, completely outplayed. There are still 2 more Tests to go, and unless there is a miracle, hiring some Indian players seems like the only option with the Aussie selectors, if they have to avoid the humiliation of 4 - 0.

Looks like I have to go to office today after all!

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